Here and Far Photography

There are many ways to capture winning photographs and the different styles and techniques involved in the craft of photography are almost endless. What works for you in many instances is simply a matter of personal choice. However, many invaluable insights I have gleaned from others has definitely improved my photography. What is most important is that you actually practice your craft and not just expound on it. This web site has the goal of sharing a few of the most important insights and giving you different areas of focus so that you actually get out there and practice the craft.

Some of the most valuable experiences I have had during my photography journey have been the ones I enjoyed with fellow members of our local photography clubs here in the Twin Cites of Minnesota. We planned trips, talked about techniques, shared our photos and competed with the best images from others all over the world. This helped my photography immensely and if you have the time and a group near you that meets for just this purpose, I would strongly encourage you to join. Photography clubs can provide a great support network as well as the impetus many of us need to take the next step in building a truly outstanding portfolio or simply improving one's photography.

Whether it is near or far, it is the passion of photographers pursuing their craft that makes the field what it is. From closeup and macro images to images taken in distant and exotic lands, this passion drives people the world over to travel, meet, compose and communicate. In short, photography opens our eyes to things we would not have otherwise seen or experienced.

Many resources are available to photographers in nearly all assets of the industry and I have put together a table of a few of them that I have used and now recommend.

Photographer's Resources
Resource Comments Where to Go
KEH Camera superstore for selling and buying used photo equpment. They rate the condition the gear is in and price it accordingly. Great way to save money. Go on the web to and order online or browse through one of their catalogues and order by phone: 404- 892-5522, fax: 404-892-1251 or email:
F-Stop Swap Local swap meet for photographers that attracts people from all over the country - fantastic deals. This is a good place for common and hard to find items other places don't carry. Can sell or buy. If selling a lot of gear, consider setting up a booth. Can also visit their store year round or sell online. Held twice a year. Next show is October 20-21, 2007 from 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at the Bloomington Armory, 3300 West 98th Street in Bloomington, MN. The spring show is held at the Inver Grove Heights Armory, Babcock Trail and 80th Street East, Inver Grove Heights, MN. Contact F-Stop Swap ahead for dates., email: or call their store: 612-866-5811 or visit them at Village Camera 6640 Lyndale Ave. S. #110-251 Richfield, MN.
B&H Photo and Video One stop shop for all the latest photography and video gear. They have an extensive selection of new equipment and some used stuff. Order their catalogue and shop by phone: 800-606-6969 (toll-free) or 212-444-6615. To visit them online, go to:
Shutterbug Great source of information both online and in the magazine publication. They focus on the professional market and have tools like forums, workshops, trade show and industry news, contests, equipment reviews and more. Visit them online at
iStockphoto This site is for people looking to buy or sell digital images (photos or illustrations). It operates like an online stock image agency. Might be useful for photographers trying to sell their photos. Visit them online at:
Shutterstock This operates, just as the istockphoto site does, like an online stock image agency. It has a slightly different pay and fee structure so it might be wise to compare the two sites. Visit them online at:
Adobe Imaging Software The Adobe family of products have proved to be very useful to the denizens of people who utilize its capabilities. This site is the gateway for the popular Adobe Photoshop and related software products. Visit Adobe online at: