Here and Far Photography

Traveling to exotic places and being inspired by spectacular scenery seems to go hand in hand with fine photography. Indeed, the brilliance of past masters capturing places previously unseen to the larger world has inspired hobbyists and professionals the world over to explore for themselves the magic of new lands and cultures. Do not be fooled, however, by the polished end result. Taking good travel pictures may sound easy, but any amount of preparation done to insure a final good result is time well spent that almost always pays off.

Preparing yourself for a photo trip means doing some research. Here are some common guidelines that can be followed for most photo travels.

PhotoTravel Information on the Web
Site URL Purpose Great site for any photographer with an excellent section for travel photography and locations Certificate of Registration forms for clearing personal goods through Customs and other documents and regulations regarding travel Database of travel guides, catalogues and bulletins for perusing or purchase of North American destinations with a photographer's focus. Find guided and independent tour information here. Among the many wonderful resources you find here are product guides, contests, tutorials, workshops, member galleries and a fantastic trip planner section for photo travelers . Travelers who need to board an airplane will find useful up-to-date travel alerts and airline-related information here.