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Web Safe Colors are those colors that are standard display colors that any browser can use. Here is a standardized table of web safe colors in hexidecimal format. This chart is a useful tool for web designers wanting their pages to be compatible among multiple platforms.

This site provides scripts for creating Glassy Buttons. Simply fill in the form on the site and it will generate the code you put into your website to create professional-looking buttons. There are options for creating neat rollover effects, customizing the text inside the button, a transparency feature and edge effects.

If you need CSS-based templates to jump-start your website, go to for a full list of free templates or simply click a link below to sample a few.

Before You Go Live, Did You Remember to………

-Encrypt any email addresses to deter spam?

-Check all links to make sure they are valid?

-Include all contact information?

-Put appropriate keywords into metatag section?

-Register the site with all major search engines?

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