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Typography exists to honor content.
     —Robert Bringhurst, “The Elements of Typographic Style”
Typography is a major design consideration for all web designers. There are many elements of typography that can be discussed in great detail. The two sites listed below are great references for typography-related issues.
Much has changed since the early days of the World Wide Web and perhaps the field of graphics has seen the most dramatic transformation. From 3D Rendering and Second Life Virtualization to digital photography to clip art, there is a graphic program out there to bring all these computer-generated images and applications to life. For web designers, though, some basic considerations still come into play as far as rendering images in browsers is concerned. What is the best file format to use? How much image compression do I need and still produce great-looking results? Do I use lossy or lossless file compression? What amount of dithering is expected when I convert my files? What is the best color space? Visit these sites to learn more.
We know that the tail must wag the dog, for the horse is drawn by the cart; But the Devil whoops as he whooped of old: "It's clever, but is it Art?"
  —Rudyard Kipling
The latest buzzword in the web design world is multimedia or streaming media, which refers to the use of video and audio media to create content from these technologies that gives users a constant flow of information. Simply click on the media file from your web site window and the audio or video file is played and streamed onto your desktop. It involves some configurating by the designer to be able to tweek the look and feel of this content to fit the theme of the site. The results can be dazzling and give the designer a new avenue for expression. These sites listed below can help.
It's as large as life and twice as natural!
  —Lewis Carroll
In the resource panel to the right, I supply two sites for each resource listed so that users can select one that fits their needs. This is a continuation of the tools I had outlined on the development tools page, but with more of an emphasis on libraries, giving designers a fuller palette of design choices.