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Tools for Working with Color
Color Blender Tool

This tool allows users to input two color values and then gives them all the colors in between these two, displaying up to seven intermediate color hues. Users can select their colors from a pre-made palette or input hexidecimal values.

Color Scheme Chooser

The color scheme tool helps you choose from among these color schemes: monochromatic, analogic, complementary, split complementary, triadic and double contrast. The program allows site visitors to input their primary color using simple RGB or HSB color sliders and then select their scheme name and the program does the rest.

Colormatch Remix Tool

This tool shows nine harmonious colors that work well with any color you select, along with a preview window to show how your colors will work within a web page. Select your primary color using RGB color sliders, like the tools above.

Web-Safe Color Chart

Renown web designer Lynda Weinman put this chart together of browser-safe colors organized by hue.

RGB to Hexidecimal Conversion Tool
Type in any RGB color value and the program converts them into hexidecimal color codes or refer to the conversion chart for reference.
Color Name Chart
This table gives names of common colors recognized by many browsers. Check compatibility first before using.
Site Building Tools
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Here are some neat tools to get you started on your site's design. You can use these tools to generate ideas of your own or to enhance your site. Pre-made templates allow you to build the site from the bottom up.

Free CSS Templates
This is a great resource for those building a site without much knowledge of CSS coding. It features roughly 292 designs that are continually updated to give you many flavors and styles to suit your audience. Some other features of these templates:
Glassy Buttons
This is a fantastic program for creating buttons exactly the way you want them. It gives you all the layout options you will need to create rollover buttons to complement any design you have. Options include button text size and color, font choices, rollover color choices, buttons designs, edge and shadow options, to name a few. The program generates the files and all you have to do is specify which folder to send them to.
Photo Slide Show Generator
This free download will generate the code to create a photo gallery of your images on your site. Simply navigate to the dfgallery section, download the free software to your computer and unzip the file. Users new to Flash and .xml files should read the index.html file found in the manual folder that comes as part of the download. This gives you easy-to-follow instructions on how to configure your image files for the gallery player, which can be resized to fit your site's design.
Portable File Applications Suite
At the Portable Applications site you will find a host of useful applications. The software suite allows you to download applications and configure them for portable devices, such as Flash Drives and media players. The software suite includes many excellent utilities for web developers. I will highlight just a few that I find nearly essential:
Email Riddler and Encryption
Among this site's fun tools is a more mundane but equally important tool which will help protect users from unwanted email solicitations. The site's encryption tool generates code to encrypt email so web-based crawlers and spam harvesters cannot recognize the email address you put on your site.