Accordian Effect

Lebanon Hills

This image was taken in Lebanon Hills Regional Park in Eagan during the fall months
as the leaves turned a golden brown.

Mendota Heights Fireworks

The fireworks were the culmination of a week of celebrating Mendota Height's 150 year anniversary.

Alaskan Glaciers

The glaciers in Alaska's Whittier Bay photographed aboard the Princess Cruise Ship.

Brown Pelican

This photograph was taken in Melaque, Mexico as I waited on the shore
for the pelicans to land on the rocks jutting out from the ocean.

Fade Effect

This effect fades out the image


Blind Down Effect

This effect redraws the image
from the top to the bottom

Mystery Cave in Forestville, MN

Squish Effect

This effect folds up the image
from the bottom right to the top left

Our Friend Buca

Shake Effect

This effect moves the image side to side

Deer at Dodge Nature Center