Okay, so now you have your web site set up and ready to go! Before you go live, did you remember to…
Encrypt email addresses to deter spam?
—Register the site with major search engines?
—Include relevant contact information?
—Validate links and source code by visiting a WC3-compliant site?
—Put appropriate keywords into metatag section?

Validating your site is always a good idea before publishing it for the online community to see. This should be one of the first steps a web designer should take upon completing the design process of the site. It may seem trivial or even an afterthought, however, by validating the site, you are assuring yourself the greatest compatibility to the different browser platforms that exist. The W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) was assembled for just this purpose - to make standards uniform. By clicking on the official logo of the W3C (to the right), you will be able to validate your web site.
W3C logo W3C logo which takes you to that organization's validator application
Site Map Building Tools
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Site Maps allow search engines to efficiently "crawl" a web site, ie, search for relevant keywords that match what an Internet navigator types into a search field. Search engines, and most notably Google, have put much effort into developing an information architecture that allows their search engine software to rank a site's importance in relation to what an Internet navigator is looking for. Web designers should include a site map page as part of their package. Here are some tools.
Site Map Builder
This site takes you through a four-step process that will help you build and validate your site map. You will end up with a single page of text that attaches to your site and is sent to Google for registration.
Site Map Protocals
This site gives up-to-date technical information about site map protocals and posts a thorough FAQ section that answers many questions on the topic. It also breaks down the coding involved and explains the registration process in detail.
Web Hosting Services
Choosing a web hosting company may involve a number of factors, but most importantly, price and service top the list. This is a generalization, of course, but most hosting services seem to offer similar options. The most obvious question is: does a free service give you enough features? Here are just a few links to the myriad of hosting and domain name services out there.
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Try These Tools…
Google Analytics
This tool allows you to build a profile of your users and gives traffic information such as what browser your site visitors use, what city they live in, how they navigated to your site and how many visits you receive.
Building a Guestbook
This site contains the scripts and design tools you need to start your own guest book. With a guest book on your site, you can receive feedback and comments from your visitors.
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